r.h. Sin

scene forty-three.


I think there’s this part of you that remains hidden. There’s a side of you that most people rarely see. You’ve buried that part of you deep like roots beneath trees, undiscovered by those who were never willing to search for you. There’s way too much depth in your soul and those too lazy to explore your extra layers have all come up short and you willingly allow it, you don’t bother to tell them that there’s more because you know that not everyone deserves all of which you have to offer. You’ve hidden so much because you’re tired of the betrayal that follows behind those who don’t deserve passage upon your hearts bridge. So much of you left to be discovered by someone who doesn’t have to be told where to go. Someone who knows what to do and how to treat you without hurting you in the process. I think there’s this part of you that will mean the world to the right person but until then, you will always mean the world to yourself and there is nothing wrong with protecting your light from those who will only represent darkness.

I just wanted the opportunity to speak to the women who are like the ones I've met throughout life. All fighting something, all surviving something. My art, my poetry is my way of giving back to all the powerful women who have either inspired me or helped me become a better man.

- New York Times Best Selling Author r.h. Sin


she felt like feeling nothing