He’s Cheating on You and This is How I know ( Part One)



It’s after 10 in the evening and you've been glancing at your phone every 3 minutes awaiting a notification or vibration as an indication that he has finally responded to that text message you sent hours ago. You’ve become so anxious in effort to wait patiently for him to reach out to you. You’re always texting first, you’re always the one to reach out. You’re always the one in waiting as it would seem that he prefers to take his time and reply whenever it’s convenient for him.




11 rolls around and you’re still sitting there. You begin to create a text then after a brief moment of thought, you decide to delete the text. You don’t want to seem clingy, needy or over eager but lets be honest, you wonder what the fuck is he doing that is keeping him so busy that he’s not able to respond. It’s 12 in the morning and you receive a text from him. It’s short, one worded, non enthusiastic as always and once your phone vibrates to show that you have one incoming text. You’re excited a little but you’re also upset, feelings of neglect have already taken it’s toll on you and you’re simply uncertain, angry, curious but still, a bit glad that he decided to reach out.


He saw your text, he literally looked at your text earlier that day and simply decided not to respond. His friends are always bragging about the woman they keep waiting. They live by this code of making a woman wonder, forcing her to feel confused. They never really want women to know how much or how less they like them. It’s part of a game, a game they’ve learned to play really well. Give her enough to cause her to catch feelings, give her just enough of your time then pull away, leaving her to pine and sit anxiously awaiting a response. He literally looked at your text then decided in that moment how many hours he’d let pass before responding.

He waited because he knows you’ll wait around for him, no matter what or at least that’s what he thinks. See, you’re just not that important, you’re not a priority in his life and to top it all off. He texted you at that hour, the exact hour in which you’ve given up hope that you’d get a response because his girlfriend is finally asleep. Once she’s sleep, he’s free. He’s free to waste your time.

Morning arrives and the cycle continues because you don’t know but now you do and now it all makes sense. Being sent to voice mail when you call. He’s always unreachable, he’s rarely consistent and he never seems to get “ that text message “ or somehow doesn’t have a chance to text you at a reasonable hour. There’s no time for you because his time is invested elsewhere but at least you know now. At least you have the answer to your questions. Stop entertaining those who refuse to make an effort as far as you’re concerned…

The Truth Behind " I miss you " texts | part two

Days, become weeks. Weeks become months then one late night, the unexpected occurs. You're on Instagram in search of something that resonates to your current situation or maybe you're catching on the latest " tea " from your favorite gossip account. You receive one of those drop down notifications at the top of your phone as it reads " I miss you..." You're surprised, possibly at a loss for words as you begin the struggle of trying to figure out how to respond to this message from the person who became a stranger.

Stop, think about it, be logical here. First, who is this person... What did they mean to you and what caused that particular relationship to end? Good terms or bad terms? Where you happy with them? Did you spend time in hell, pretending that for some reason they actually cared? Was it love or lust? I know you want to respond right away and that's usually due to the fact that you're either lonely or this may be a person that you actually cared about so much that you've held on to this glimmer of hope that one day things would get better.

The " i miss you " text is a form of emotional manipulation. Most guys only send this text to women our of boredom or quite possibly due to feeling horny. These texts are usually sent in effort to trigger some sort of emotional feeling within a woman who has either moved on with their lives or are now in a new relationship. It's sort of a way to display a type of control over another individual. Think about it. You were with them at one point and all they ever did was let you down, destroy your life, disappoint you and use you for all that you could offer. You began to develop true feelings for them and they walked away with some stupid excuse just so that they could go out and fuck someone else. It's been some time and now they're back because they most likely want to make you their fool. There's nothing beautiful or romantic about someone who leaves you at your lowest point and returns after you've done the hard work of piecing yourself back together again. There's no love in someone coming back to you after they're done fucking someone else. Think about it...he hurt you before, he made you feel like you were the crazy one, he was never there, he refused to make time and he left you as if you did something wrong and now he wants to re-enter your life? Why would you re-entertain being with someone who only views you as pure entertainment, something to do out of pure boredom.


Think about it...

and meet me back here for part two, soon..

Why He Hides You | part one

oh my generation, filled with so many lost souls. easy influenced by the songs they hear and the movies they watch. being taught about love from people who don't love them. entering relationships that are more like a personal hell, remaining in a relationship that causes their heart to go up into flames. i see so many women enter relationships with men who aren't men enough to celebrate them but instead, they simply hide them in plain sight. if for some reason you are the woman who is tired of being hidden or kept a secret, read on..



i won't waste your time, i won't dance around the obvious truth. i'll instead, simply spell it out for you with as much detail as i can. he hides you because he'd much rather appear available when in all honesty, he's technically taken by you. he's not fully invested and it becomes apparent by his refusal to showcase his appreciation for you.  it's the same old bull shit. they'll hit you with the being private conversation and how much they value their privacy as they continuously post some of the most private and sentimental moments in their lives via social media while conveniently leaving you out of the picture as if you don't even exist. now if you're the woman who tells people that it's just instagram or it's just social media and that you don't care that you're not important enough to be shared on his timeline, then this article or these words aren't for you. i'm only talking to the women who are tired of being treated as if they don't matter. i'm only speaking to the women who are tired of being left out of picture...literally. i honestly think it's sad that men have this ability to manipulate and change the narrative of what a woman wants by making her feel as if she's asking for too much. so, i know that there will be some women who read this, pretending that they don't care as if that makes them appear to be strong or secure but in all honesty, it doesn't. it's actually sad in most cases.


privacy has nothing to do with keeping someone hidden. sharing your love for someone whether in be in a caption or a photo doesn't disrupt privacy and in a world where people share the most important things in their lives with the whole world via social media, how is that you've accepted being left out or made to look like a ghost to their present lives. a man who hides you is hiding something that'll eventually break your heart. think about it...


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