Samantha King, the author of BORN TO LOVE, CURSED TO FEEL has just successfully done something that her peers have not been able to do in 2016! Create a work of art that doesn't sound or read like any other poetry book. Born to love, cursed to feel is not the same old repetitive self help, self care bull shit, expressed by individuals who fail to live by what they preach. This book wasn't created on the foundation of gaming broken hearted women with promises of some quick fix or solution to their every day problems and best of all, it seems completely impossible to actually compare Samantha King the writer, to anyone in this modern day of expression. Samantha King is literally Samantha King! Someone who seems to be influenced and inspired by her own life, she is simply herself entirely and I am grateful for that as both a reader and accomplished writer. Samantha King is a breath of fresh air as she screams her frustration on the pages of Born to love, cursed to feel. A master of her own domain, strong and resilient as she tries to navigate this cruel maze called life.


Samantha King is completely honest and unapologetic as she spills her truth in ink, with hopes of providing some sort of peace and clarity to the hearts of women who are just as familiar with the pains of love as she is. Born to love, cursed to feel is a book that represents the many battles that women endure. Born to love, cursed to feel is about the woman you were and the woman you'll become. I truly believe that Samantha King presented her pain in an attempt to let you know that you are not alone. 


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