Because I’m a guy who has spent most of his life hanging out with the guys who have lied to you and though I’ve since then dropped all the losers I used to claim as friends, here’s some insight. These are the most common lies that sounded like the truth when spoken to your ears or some of the lies my old friends used to use on the women they were dealing with in effort to buy more time to spend with the other women they were dealing with. Now, the whole point is to not to say that every time a go uses one of these lines that he's lying but from my point of view, I have found myself sitting next to a guy who has used these very lines as a means to either cheat or manipulate women. So...here you go..

“ you’re beautiful.” — most guys who use this word don’t even know how to spell it without autocorrect. remember when that word had a meaning and now it’s thrown around like a ball empty of air. beauty is rare. it’s a rare occurrence. beauty is what happens when everything is aligned. it means overall and altogether, things synchronized to creat something so amazing that it leaves you speechless. apparently, every man you meet will think you’re beautiful unless you reject them then it’s, “ you’re ugly anyways..” right?

moving on..

“ you’re a goddess “ — which makes you some sort of supernatural spirit possessing of powers that are out of this world. you must be some lady!

“ wrong number “

“ my phone is dying “

“ I didn’t get that text “

“ I miss you “

“ you got my heart “

“ she’s crazy “

“ you’re the only one “

“ I swear to God “

“ Just a friend “

“ I’m at the studio “

“ I was sleep “

“ it’s nothing “

“ it’s just Instagram “

“ I don’t know her “

“ I just liked her pictures, that’s it “

“ working late “

“ you bad though “ — anything followed with the word though is often considered to be a lie. it’s like liars love saying though after everything.

“ I still love you though “

“ I still miss you though “

“ I only fuck with you though “

“ it’s just Facebook though “

“ you the baddest though “

another keyword is “ yo “

“ yo, I’m with the homies “

“ yo, I’ll call you back “

“ yo, it’s not that serious “

“ yo, chill, you the only one I want “

“ yo, I was at the gym though “ — see what I did there…

lies come in all shapes and sizes. the hardest ones to spot are often related to some sort of physical compliment or simply stating what another person wants to hear in effort to butter them up.

genuine compliments aren’t expressed too often and I know it feels good to be told how beautiful you are because you’re cocky as fuck …naw I’m joking..not really but understand the difference between something genuine and some lie told in order to get what they want from you. it’s still a lie even if you choose to believe it. be careful, be selective and never settle..

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